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Proudly supporting the Power, Oil & Gas and Pipeline Industries.


Everyone offers a product, but not everyone offers a service!

New installations, retrofits, commissioning, start-up support and more!


By careful planning and pre-assembly, we can reduce the amount of man hours spent in the field and speed up the overall schedule of the project.


Proper maintenance often provides significant cost savings by reducing unplanned downtime and easing the dangers of regulatory problems.

Field Service

We understand the challenges of building in remote locations and have significant project experience and proven management expertise in the field.

Erbessd Instruments

Vibration Analysis & Monitoring

We are an Authorized Dealer of Erbessd Instruments to manage and montior the vibration, balancing, alignment and overall health of your machinery. We sell Erbessd to our customers because it's one of the best vibration analysis tools on the market and it allows our customers to take their mind off the technical machinery and a focus on their business, giving them peace of mind and security.

Perma Lubricant Solutions

The Expert in Lubrication Solutions

We are an Authorized Dealer of Perma single-point lubrication systems which can keep your machinery running smoothly by making sure it's adequately lubricated. This is perfect for bearings, sliding guides, open gears, gear racks, spindles, shaft seals, chains and much more!

Henek Fluid Purity Systems

Oil and Fuel Purification Equipment

We are an Authorized Dealer of Henek Fluid Purity Systems. Henek likes to say "Clean, dry oil. Guaranteed" and this motto goes a long way to ensure proven performance, robust reliability and outstanding value when it comes to your machinery. Henek will keep your equipment running at peak performance for years to come.

CTC: Connection Technology Center

When reliability matters, connect to confidence

We are an Authorized Dealer of CTC's industry leading portfolio of accelerometers and vibration sensors, cables and connectors for industrial use in monitoring and predictive maintenance. These products are designed to meet and exceed real-world demands of tough environments which is why we're proud to offer them to our customers.

Conax Technologies

Compression seal fittings, temperature sensors, and cable harness assemblies.
We are an Authorized Dealer of Conax Technologies compression seal fittings, temperature sensors, and cable harness assemblies which are ideal for a variety of industries. Conax's line of products greatly improve the reliability of your equipment and provide critical insight into the health of your systems.

Predict Plus

Proactive pump health monitoring
We are an Authorized Dealer of Predict Plus for 24/7 monitoring of temperature and vibration on your equipment. The Predict-cloud shows your equipment dashboard complete with proactive alerts and historic data trends.

Safety is our Number One Priority

We take safety very seriously and work closely with companies like Safety Advantage and Peak Safety & Consulting for all our safety needs and Operator Qualification (OQ) Training.
We are also proud members of the ISTC Safety Training Council, Avetta, Houston Area Safety Council (hasc), ISNetworld, and Dun & Bradstreet.

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    Falcon Service and Supply, LLC provides engineering, maintenance, field service, new installations, retrofits, commissioning, and start-up support in the Power, Oil & Gas and Pipeline Industries.

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