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Automatic Lubrication: Conveyors

Functioning conveyors are essential for smooth process flow. Despite dirt, dust or strong vibration, optimal lubrication is necessary to prevent equipment failures. Equipment downtime, costly repairs and service calls make up a significant portion of the operating costs.

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Automatic Lubrication: Electric Motors

Electric motors are used for a variety of applications where they convert electricity into mechanical energy. Efficient lubrication and maintenance practices are essential for reliable operation of electric motors. Many motors are located poorly accessible locations or in dangerous areas. They are therefore often only lubricated irregularly. Failure to adhere to manufacturer specifications frequently leads to damage and failures due to over-lubrication or lubrication starvation.

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Automatic Lubricators: Pumps

Pumps are the core of many industrial applications. A failing pump can often interrupt the entire work or production process. One of the main factors for trouble-free operation is effective lubrication. A regular injection of fresh, clean grease provides extra protection against the entry of dirt and water and will extend the service life of your pumps.

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Automatic Lubricators: Blowers & Fans

Laser shaft alignment can improve asset availability, uptime, and reduce costs associated with failures through precision alignment. It also reduces energy consumption, is more efficient and faster than dial indicators.

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Star/Star Vario

High-precision lubrication system - independent of temperature and counter pressure.

Three different sizes for individual lubricant metering perma STAR VARIO operates fully automatically, independent of temperature and pressure as well as offering a very precise discharge. The system consists of an electromechanical drive, an LC with 60, 120 or 250 cc / 2.03 oz, 4.06 oz or 8.45 oz of lubricant and a battery pack. The desired discharge period and LC size can easily be selected with the setting button and are immediately visible in the LCD. The current operating status is indicated on the LCD and via LED signal lights (red/green) visible all round. The LED signals are also recognisable from a distance.


perma FLEX is a compact, ready-to-use lubrication system supplied as a complete unit. It can be used in various types of applications at temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +60 °C / -4 °F to +140 °F. Discharge period setting is freely adjustable from 1 to 12 months.The required pressure is developed via an electronically controlled chemical reaction. The lubrication point is continuously supplied with fresh lubricant throughout the selected discharge period. perma FLEX is available in sizes 60 cc / 2.03 oz and 125 cc / 4.23 oz.


perma NOVA can be used in all application areas between -20 °C and +60 °C / -4 °F to 140 °F. A discharge period from 1 to 12 months can be entered via the setting button on the NOVA Control unit. Taking into account the ambient temperature, the control unit then calculates the required quantity of gas for constant and reliable discharge. perma NOVA consists of a reusable control unit, a NOVA LC fi lled with grease or oil and a protective cover. NOVA LC is available in sizes of 65 cc / 2.20 oz and 125 cc / 4.23 oz.

Star Control

perma STAR CONTROL is machine / PLC controlled and can easily be integrated into machines with external power supply. The operating status can be transmitted to the PLC. The lubrication system offers two operating modes - TIME and IMPULSE - for more flexibility. In TIME mode, discharges are only carried out when the machine is in operation. In IMPULSE mode, the system discharges a predefined lubricant amount every time external power is applied. The desired mode can be selected via the display.


perma CLASSIC and perma FUTURA can be used in all types of applications with ambient temperatures from 0 to +40 °C / 32 °F to 104 °F. Depending on operating conditions, a lubricant volume of 120 cc / 4.06 oz is dispensed in 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Reliable function is based on an electrochemical reaction. The activator is screwed in the lubrication system and the eyelet torn off. The contained gas generator generates a pressure of max. 4 bar / 58 psi, which moves the piston forward and transports lubricant into the lubrication point.

Pro MP-6

The perma PRO MP-6 is available as a self-sufficient, battery operated multi-point lubrication system. Depending on the discharge period, from 1 day to 24 months, 250 cc or 500 ccc of lubricant are dispensed from a maximum of six outlets into the lubrication points. Thanks to the maximum pressure build-up of 362 psi / 25 bar in the MP-6 distributor, the lubricant is uniformly and precisely distributed using up to 16 ft / 5 m of grease line per outlet.

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